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at least we’re done with that whole “hoping” thing now. #ncfc
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iCloud is badgering me about paying for more storage, I barely use Facebook and Instagram, and I’m very aware of how much stuff I’ve historically given/trusted a lot of third parties with. You should expect to see more photos on my site imminently – Own Your Data and all that. I might even document how it goes. I expect it to be a slow process – lots of sources, largely thankless, a mixture of what I want to be public and private.
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I’ve just signed up for Coursera’s Programming Languages course. Watched the intro, and can’t remember feeling so hyped about an MOOC.

There’s something deeply artistic and elegant in
the way programming languages fit together and I want you to stretch your mind, and
I want you to look at this course as a fresh way to look about software.
A fresh way to think about programming that you’ve never thought about before.
We’re going to make you uncomfortable.
We’re going to do things in a strange way.

Quite a claim.

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I have removed analytics from my personal site. The numbers provide no value to me. Nothing they tell me is going to make me change the way I do stuff here, so why feed into the global shitshow that is needless counting and tracking?

Testing micropub using quill