What I’m Doing Now

This is my /now page as conceived by Derek Sivers.

Currently Working On

as of 20/12/2020: Thinking about what 2021 looks like.


  • Principal Software Engineer at the BBC in Salford, UK. Started full time in October. Still feeling out the role.
  • Our team is presently working on re-platforming the suite of websites belonging to the Digital Products Group (any of the major BBC online products that aren’t iPlayer or Sounds).
  • We are moving from 6+ separately implemented websites on a variety of tech stacks to a Single Page/Progressive Web Application, using AWS serverless technologies, React and a unified design system to plug it all together.
  • Helping to manage a major cultural shift as we move away from lots of digital silos and ways of working, across teams and locations.


  • Getting used to regularly writing code again. I recently came to the conclusion that management isn’t the path I wish to follow in my career. As I pivot back to wanting to build things (not primarily coded in 3+ years), I realise that I am very rusty – the time for an idea to go from my brain to my fingers is way too long. To exercise those muscles, I have been:
  • Very slowly IndieWebifying my online presence. POSSE-ing and PESOS-ing all of the things. I just started pulling in films I’ve been watching into a Gatsby instance over here. That recently broke because of my very flakey integration, so I’ve paused moving more stuff over until I’ve made it more resilient.
    • I’ve made this a bit more resilient by bypassing the out-of-the-box Indie Web WordPress plugins (every time I update one, something in my integration breaks). I’ll write up my approach when I have my film workflow fixed.
  • Writing and reflecting more on this blog. Not worrying so much about quality, given how much it affects my quantity, and fretting about it doesn’t improve the former.
  • Continuing my second significant running streak – a daily habit where I run at least one mile every day. I started this streak on April 17th, 2017.

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