What I’m Doing Now

This is my /now page as conceived by Derek Sivers.

Currently Working On

as of 02/01/2022:


Principal Software Engineer at cinch. Working in the Search and Convert tribe, across a few squads, tackling everything from landing pages to checkout.

Currently, we’re using Nx to break apart a Gatsby monolith into several more autonomous microsites. The ultimate aim of this piece of work is to allow faster deployments, better resilience, and increased choice, whilst hopefully allowing for the same confidence and coverage that we get with the single-site set-up.

Expanding my AWS knowledge – working towards the AWS dev associate certificate, as well as learning CDK for Infrastructure As Code.


I’ve been giving my playground a bit of TLC. I migrated from Gatsby to AstroJS – which was a great experience. It has allowed me to move from endlessly updating dependencies, to being able to implement new features and doing more “play”. 

The most recent feature I built was to bring in Podcast listens – it’s largely an AWS lambda that periodically logs in to Overcast and fires any new listens into WordPress, which I then consume from Astro using GraphQL.

Next up is to fiddle with some visualisations – I have a GitHub project where I’m tracking this stuff.

Finally, my second significant running streak continues – a daily habit where I run at least one mile every day. If I continue to maintain it, I’ll hit five years in April. Exciting. 

In lieu of my regular running commute, which I previously relied on to push myself and provide a rhythm, I recently joined Middleton Harriers – which has been a great experience. I keep putting off writing about what it has given me.

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