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  • Jankteki 0.6 released: User Notes

    A couple of weeks back, I subtly released Jankteki 0.6, which brought with it a refactor, lots of instability, and a feature that I’m hoping will be useful to people that aren’t me: The ability to add user notes against a user on jinteki.net. Have you ever added a friend on Jinteki and forgot why they’re there? Me too […]

  • Jankteki v0.4.0 released: fixes panel

    The more eager eyed Jankteki users may have noticed the latest release. It consists of a small in-game ‘fixes’ panel where you can manually manipulate the game state without having to look up relatively arcane chat commands. Here’s a video of this feature in action: It’s the first interaction I’ve done with the game directly […]

  • Jankteki: a Jinteki.net Chrome Extension

    In the past year or so, the collectible card game, Android: Netrunner has just about taken over my life. I won’t go on about why here, but it’s great. You should play it. One of the more popular ways of playing it is through an online open-source implementation, jinteki.net. Legally dubious, it’s a Clojure implementation […]