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  • Link from Pinboard – Replacing Disqus with Github Comments ยท Gazoo.vrv

    I love this, I have no idea whether github would be ok with this if everyone did it, but it’s a nice solution to the comments problem Link. federated from Pinboard

  • the elusive commenting system

    BDT (yeah, third post in, already acronym-ising this thing) finally has one of them there commenting systems. Check it out below if you don’t believe me. The delay The reason I was holding back was because I wanted to “hand-roll” my system for maximum control. Yeah, this is a gross violation of “don’t reinvent the […]

  • keeping this thing updated

    …is a royal pain in the bollock. Figure I should give a small checklist of what Si has been working on: XML Feed I have just finished implementing an Atom feed for this mofo. It was ridiculously simple using Django – create a feed class, point the url file at it and you’re away. I […]