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  • Monthly Review: February 2022

    So that’s February done. I said in my last review that my focuses or themes for the month would be writing, diet, and injury recovery. I didn’t do great, but given the circumstances, it wasn’t too bad. The big headline for the month in our household has been that Covid has finally visited us. So […]

  • Monthly Review: January 2022

    At the beginning of the year, my only resolution was to review the past month and set some focuses, themes, and goals according to where my life was at that point. Hopefully as a way to try to avoid the pitfalls of all or nothing boolean resolutions. Consider this a trial into having a semi-public […]

  • Father’s Day. Celebrated with a run in calf-bursting hills.

    Hand made father's day card. Theme minecraft - mine, and my son's faces pasted over the main characters'.

    Gorgeous day for it, so went with the family to Ramsbottom. Left family to ramble up the hill, while I went on an adventure.

  • My 2019 Year In Running

    It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, so I thought I’d reflect a little on what was a surprisingly active running year. I’m pretty out of practice with this writing lark, so apologies if it reads a little clumsy. TLDR: It started optimistically. I got fat. I then lost weight. During it all, […]

  • End of / New Year update (2014/2015)

    I’m not going to blather too much on here. Just dot down some bullet points to update you and remind my future self how things are going: My running streak is still alive, it hit 3 years as of yesterday. My real celebration happened in October, when I passed day 1024: Weight is once again […]

  • Passive Mileage

    In personal finance, they often talk about ‘passive income’ and making your money ‘work harder for you‘. The idea being that you set-up a side project which starts trickling in a bit of surplus cash each month without having to do any extra work. It’s not something I do – most of the traditional ways […]

  • Overly introspective post about my running streak.

    For the past few years, I’ve found running to be a decent way of shifting some weight (slight aside, since the age of twenty, I’ve been the classic yo-yo when it comes to weight – between 11.5 and 17 stone, depending on what the dice spell out in any given week). The only problem is […]