Link: You Are A Strange Loop

Fantastic video, amazing summary of the work of Douglas Hofstadter. But rather than being a tl;dr, it has served to make me pick up and study Gödel, Escher, Bach again, I never made it through the whole thing first time around. Link – You Are A Strange Loop

Link: Letters of Exclusion

Jeremy is spot on here. Acronyms are such a simple way to keep someone needlessly out of the conversation. This is certainly something I need to work on within myself. Link – Letters of Exclusion

Link: Letterboxd Love Letter

Jim Cummings directed and starred in two great films I’ve watched in the past year, Thunder Road and The Wolf of Snow Hollow. Here he talks about why Letterboxd is such a great platform. I just subscribed at the end of last year, and going forward, I’ll definitely be keeping it going.

Exporting my Outlook daily agenda to Roam using Hammerspoon

Recently, I posted on here about using Hammerspoon to scratch a personal itch. It was a nice exercise in documenting stuff for myself while hopefully putting something out into the ether that might be of use to others. So I thought I’d try it again. The problem During the summer, I started using Roam Research… Continue reading Exporting my Outlook daily agenda to Roam using Hammerspoon

The Lean Web

Chris Ferdinandi has thrown in some absolute gems in this talk he put together for – The Lean Web, well worth 48 minutes (or less at > 1x) of your time. Link – The Lean Web


Lovely piece from Terence Eden on squeezing more out of tech: What would happen if computers never got any faster?

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