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  • Exposing a Personal API using Withings, WordPress, and GraphQL

    My playground project started from a Google Sheet I found on Reddit to track my weight. I initially only wanted to play about and create some visualisations for it. But,eventually I stopped using that spreadsheet and, like most of my weight-loss escapades, got fat again. In the meantime, the playground developed into a hodgepodge of […]

  • Tab count redux

    A while back, I documented a silly approach to trying to keep, erm, tabs on the way I use Firefox. This worked pretty well until I decided to have a play with Vivaldi, a power-user focussed browser based on Chromium. I ended up ripping out that functionality from my dotfiles. This evening I realised I […]

  • Link: How Generative Music Works

    Amazing presentation, exploration, interactive… thing on generative music and the role of systems in creating that stuff. Beautifully put together. Link: How Generative Music Works

  • Link: The Power of “Yes, if”: Iterating on our RFC Process

    Awesome humanistic approach to RFCs from Tanya Reilly – moving from binary “computer says no”s to a more iterative process by changing some simple wording. Link – The Power of “Yes, if”: Iterating on our RFC Process

  • Link: Letters of Exclusion

    Jeremy is spot on here. Acronyms are such a simple way to keep someone needlessly out of the conversation. This is certainly something I need to work on within myself. Link – Letters of Exclusion

  • Exporting my Outlook daily agenda to Roam using Hammerspoon

    Recently, I posted on here about using Hammerspoon to scratch a personal itch. It was a nice exercise in documenting stuff for myself while hopefully putting something out into the ether that might be of use to others. So I thought I’d try it again. The problem During the summer, I started using Roam Research […]

  • The Lean Web

    Chris Ferdinandi has thrown in some absolute gems in this talk he put together for – The Lean Web, well worth 48 minutes (or less at > 1x) of your time. Link – The Lean Web

  • TIL: Use a Submit Button Outside of a Form!

  • Review/Recap – “Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations”

    I originally gave this book 3/5 on Goodreads, however, now I’ve revisited the book and made some personal summarisations from my highlights – I feel I need to revisit that. My original just-finished-it instinct was that the research part of the book was too deep and took me into methodologies that I ultimately don’t care […]

  • My current favourite thing is screencasts with hilariously over the top soundtracks. Never has writing a netlify function in Vim and deploying a hello world endpoint seemed so cool.