Eurgh – nudity!

My last post promised some proper content that week. That was quite a lie, wasn’t it? Pick your excuse – work, personal life, coming of age – they could all be applied for why I am yet to update properly.

This place looks like it was neglected, however I have done a complete redesign offline. This redesign highlighted a fundamental problem with this whole thing – my code is out of sync with what’s live. Like totally – the mark-up’s wrong, there are features here that haven’t been replicated on my laptop, and visa-versa. It’s a complete mess. So this week I’ve made it my mission to bring both deployments into line so code-maintanence is a matter of one rsync / scp / svn (dependant on how clever I end-up being – so it’s probably going to be scp then) and I can get back to actually providing meaningful blogposts.

In the meantime, I’ve decided that no-styling is better than the previous design. Having looked at the nice, clean, new design for the past week, I feel almost sick seeing what is still being shown to the world at large. So I decided instead that the page-innards would be more tasteful. This also brings the site temporarily into sync with my MySpace design.