Excuse the Smashing Magazine-like title. I couldn’t resist.

I increasingly seem to be subscribed to more and more tech-based advent calendars, it’s a nice gimmick which pretty much guarantees 24 days worth of solid content on varying topics. So here are (at time of publishing, I might add more as they appear) 5 to check out and throw scorn upon:

  • 24 Ways

    The original, and arguably the best – a veritable who’s who of the web development world provide tips and insights on a variety of topics – mostly design and front-end based.

  • PHP Advent

    The theme this time is, quite obviously, PHP. This year’s topics have already included Javascript (the link being AJAX), Deployment Automation, and URLs. It’s a great read, highly recommended.

  • WPEngineer

    Everybody and his mother seems to be making a living from wordpress, and why not – it’s way customisable, easily deployable, and easy for clients to work with. are running a tip every day in December, and they’re of great quality.

  • SysAdvent

    SysAdmin->SysAdvent – geddit?! Hahahaha, geeks are awesome. Anyway. I don’t know about you, but my day-to-day activities seem to involve quite a bit of cross over with everything else tech, especially SysAdmining. Over last year and this year, it’s addressed both Linux and Windows, as well as more highlevel stuff, such as time-management.

  • Performance Advent Calendar

    A new one on my radar, this advent calendar has thus far looked at the anatomy of a web 2.0 web page, tools for analysing performance, and required reading. It’s looking promising.