Gears for AMD64 on Ubuntu and a brief hello

Coincidentally, it is a year today since I updated this thing. Whoops. I might keep it updated in due course, but I’ve got other commitments for now, so while it may get the now-and-again treatment, don’t expect anything regular.

I actually came here to post a link (something I’d usually save for my ma.gnolia page), because for about six months now, I’ve been trying to get Gears working in 64-bit Ubuntu (Google’s insistence on not even trying is giving even Adobe a run for their money). Finally, Scott Wolchok, has put together a binary, which he has linked to, on the Gears Google group. (OK, he actually originally put this together in March, I just couldn’t get it to work back then).

I’ve tested it with Google Reader. On initial installation, it screams that my version of FF (v3) isn’t compatible, but offers itself to restart any way. After restarting, everything is back to good again, Reader works in offline mode with no problems.