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My current favourite thing is screencasts with hilariously over the top soundtracks. Never has writing a netlify function in Vim and deploying a hello world endpoint seemed so cool.


And so it begins

Yup – a pretty uninspired first post title, and what’s probably going to be an equally uninspired first post – but what the heck, I don’t see people reading this for a while now anyway. Basically I have been pissing about with various development tools on my own boxes for about 9 months now, I’ve gone through everything – PHP, Python, Ruby, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Dotnet, Visual Studio, Eclipse, VIM, Aptana… I’ve experimented with lots of different types of programming – AI, GUI, Linux, Win32, server-side, client-side, IM bots, games… and I’ve decided it’s about time I started putting stuff out there myself instead of leeching off of others’ hard sweat. With stuff being, “mistakes I have made that others may not have to”.

Python, Django Vim…I choose you!

Having battled through, I have finally achieved my desired set-up – or at least the one I am going to pursue for personal development in the forseeable future. My lingo of choice is Python – I have selected it because it feels like I can simply imagine code and it works. I like that. I’m not arsed about speed or any of those BS metrics, I just want to see stuff happen. (Although I have never had any troubles with Python regarding those sorts of things either.)

I planned on trying all of the Python frameworks (Turbogears, CherryPy, Zope etc.) but with Django it was love at first sight. It was so easy that it felt like cheating, and I am not one to feel guilty for living an easier life. If PHP was my only choice then Codeigniter would have been my way forward, but Python / Django seems to be gaining more acceptance with hosts and that looks to further pick up as it reaches that magical 1.0 release.

I have been really perservering with VIM for a while now and am now seeing the results. I wanted an editor which I could customise in any way I want, and having upgraded to version 7 I really don’t see anything it won’t let me do….Expect some scripts of beyond-dubious quality to be published on here as I start scripting stuff which I haven’t just ripped off some innocent French dude.

And finally…

Posts will inevitably stray off topic so don’t subscribe if you want pure technical writing (HAHAHAHA!!!!). Fanboyism is a disease – I consider myself OS-agnostic (they’re all quite pretty now, it all comes down to what I can afford / steal easily). I’m not big on memes – if there are 5 things you don’t know about me it is simply because I don’t want you to. The design of this blog will improve / change / mutate incrementally (with emphasis on the third, fourth and fifth syllables of that word) as I add features, currently I have just stuck in the bare bones. There’s not even an RSS feed yet let alone any sort of commenting. I won’t start pushing this / linking back until at LEAST those two features are implemented.

Last night I: signed up for hosting with webfaction.