Another new look / reimplementation of the blog

I’ve only gone and redesigned the shit-heap I call ‘my blog’. Well, I say ‘redesigned’, it was more a case of porting it to WordPress and butchering the twentyeleven theme into a Piet Mondrian-inspired mess (more on that in a future post).

The reasoning for this is pretty simple: the majority of my full-time job is spent working with WordPress. I love the WP-ecosystem, and would really like to contribute my own plugins / themes etc, but find that hard to do when I’m only 9-5ing it.

I still use Python and Django in my spare time a lot – I plan to write up a bit more about my Google App Engine Project pretty soon, and am actively porting another from GAE back to Django (the new pricing model has scared me shitless, I expect it’ll be more of a prototyping platform from here on in). So no need to fret there. Not that you were fretting. Obviously.

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Not done a huge lot on it here, to be honest. Just inherited it as a child theme, modified header.php (to add the JS for the canvas generator – didn’t want to use a hook in functions, just feels a bit dirty) and screwed about with the CSS. I do plan to incrementally change it though – I had a design PSD’d up, but didn’t have the content to justify it, so I intend to add each bit as required.

If twentyten was anything to go by, I know exactly what you mean by ‘overcomplicated’ – I’ve pissed on with that a few times, and it’s incredibly modular and quite hard to find exactly what to modify to get your desired results. The upside however, is that if you inherit it properly, and only change the very bits that need changing, if there’s ever an upgrade / bug fix / whatever, you can apply it with very little fuss.

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