Another new look / reimplementation of the blog

I’ve only gone and redesigned the shit-heap I call ‘my blog’. Well, I say ‘redesigned’, it was more a case of porting it to WordPress and butchering the twentyeleven theme into a Piet Mondrian-inspired mess (more on that in a future post).

The reasoning for this is pretty simple: the majority of my full-time job is spent working with WordPress. I love the WP-ecosystem, and would really like to contribute my own plugins / themes etc, but find that hard to do when I’m only 9-5ing it.

I still use Python and Django in my spare time a lot – I plan to write up a bit more about my Google App Engine Project pretty soon, and am actively porting another from GAE back to Django (the new pricing model has scared me shitless, I expect it’ll be more of a prototyping platform from here on in). So no need to fret there. Not that you were fretting. Obviously.