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  • iCloud is badgering me about paying for more storage, I barely use Facebook and Instagram, and I’m very aware of how much stuff I’ve historically given/trusted a lot of third parties with. You should expect to see more photos on my site imminently – Own Your Data and all that. I might even document how […]

  • Analytics

    I have removed analytics from my personal site. The numbers provide no value to me. Nothing they tell me is going to make me change the way I do stuff here, so why feed into the global shitshow that is needless counting and tracking?

  • Testing micropub using quill

  • Another new look / reimplementation of the blog

    I’ve only gone and redesigned the shit-heap I call ‘my blog’. Well, I say ‘redesigned’, it was more a case of porting it to WordPress and butchering the twentyeleven theme into a Piet Mondrian-inspired mess (more on that in a future post). The reasoning for this is pretty simple: the majority of my full-time job […]