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  • HOW many tabs?

    Update – 12/11/2021: A while back I switched to a Chromium-based browser, I’ve documented the new approach here. My Problem Everyone I work with at some point mentions my browser tab mismanagement. As of right now, I have 135 tabs open, but that’s definitely at the lower bounds of where I am typically at. For […]

  • I’ve just signed up for Coursera’s Programming Languages course. Watched the intro, and can’t remember feeling so hyped about an MOOC. There’s something deeply artistic and elegant in the way programming languages fit together and I want you to stretch your mind, and I want you to look at this course as a fresh way […]

  • Analytics

    I have removed analytics from my personal site. The numbers provide no value to me. Nothing they tell me is going to make me change the way I do stuff here, so why feed into the global shitshow that is needless counting and tracking?

  • Thorough and pragmatic approach to measuring real-life page speed. Lots of great tips in here.

  • Couple of thoughts on React

    Pretty sure it’s nothing nobody has noticed already, but I farted out some thoughts about React a while back. I figured I should publish more of this type of rubbish: I have been watching Kent C. Dodds’ fantastic Advanced React Patterns course on Front End Masters. It occurs to me that a lot of the […]

  • Jankteki v0.4.0 released: fixes panel

    The more eager eyed Jankteki users may have noticed the latest release. It consists of a small in-game ‘fixes’ panel where you can manually manipulate the game state without having to look up relatively arcane chat commands. Here’s a video of this feature in action: It’s the first interaction I’ve done with the game directly […]

  • Jankteki: a Chrome Extension

    In the past year or so, the collectible card game, Android: Netrunner has just about taken over my life. I won’t go on about why here, but it’s great. You should play it. One of the more popular ways of playing it is through an online open-source implementation, Legally dubious, it’s a Clojure implementation […]

  • Quantified Fatigue

    I have had a post in draft since the beginning of the year, all about analysing my running streak as it stands. It picks out the miles I’ve done on it, average mile per run, distributions of milages, that sort of thing. Loads of self indulgent wank, that I felt at the time was “interesting”. […]

  • The Highland Fling 2011

    A little over a week ago, my awesome employers graciously allowed (and paid for) me to trek up to Edinburgh to enjoy the recently-resurrected standards-based web conference, The Highland Fling. The theme was “back to basics”, which covered a whole lot of ground, and brought with it some very talented speakers. The whole event was compered expertly by […]

  • Keep those rows in line with this little jQuery snippet

    I’ve recently needed this little snippet of code a few times over the last couple of months, I’ve never seen it documented so it’s probably obvious to anyone who isn’t me. But I’m going to stick it here just in case there are other people this has annoyed. The situation: you have a series of […]