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    Excuse the Smashing Magazine-like title. I couldn’t resist. I increasingly seem to be subscribed to more and more tech-based advent calendars, it’s a nice gimmick which pretty much guarantees 24 days worth of solid content on varying topics. So here are (at time of publishing, I might add more as they appear) 5 to check […]

  • Github: Lowering the barrier of entry for open source

    Open source is great. But really, raising a bug and submitting a patch for a few documentation issues is more trouble than it’s worth. I’m stupid and lazy, so don’t contribute too much code to open source, but I am very anal. I hate stumbling across spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that anyone could fix, […]

  • Gears for AMD64 on Ubuntu and a brief hello

    Coincidentally, it is a year today since I updated this thing. Whoops. I might keep it updated in due course, but I’ve got other commitments for now, so while it may get the now-and-again treatment, don’t expect anything regular. I actually came here to post a link (something I’d usually save for my ma.gnolia page), […]

  • oooh – shiny!!! (now with added book reviews)

    It took slightly longer than a week, but dammit – the new styles have been applied. They’ve been tested against nothing but Firefox2 on Linux at 1024 (I did have a peek at 800×600, but it made my eyes hurt. So for now if you care that much, you can upgrade your computer or buy […]

  • Eurgh – nudity!

    My last post promised some proper content that week. That was quite a lie, wasn’t it? Pick your excuse – work, personal life, coming of age – they could all be applied for why I am yet to update properly. This place looks like it was neglected, however I have done a complete redesign offline. […]

  • A quick apology

    Anyone on my feed this morning would have experienced some link diarrhea in the form of the Ma.gnolia feedburner link splice thingy. I apologise, in the future you’ll only get good stuff – most of that was crap which I bookmarked for other people / later perusal. I will be back later this week with […]

  • You know when you’ve been Twango’d

    You take one Django app (this monstrosity, which I mockingly label “my blog”), you take one completely exhausted Ruby On Rails app with a nice simple API but as much stability as a menstruating Dr Jekyll (in this case, Twitter) and what do you get? Well I kinda ruined it with my hilarious entry-title, but […]

  • the elusive commenting system

    BDT (yeah, third post in, already acronym-ising this thing) finally has one of them there commenting systems. Check it out below if you don’t believe me. The delay The reason I was holding back was because I wanted to “hand-roll” my system for maximum control. Yeah, this is a gross violation of “don’t reinvent the […]

  • keeping this thing updated

    …is a royal pain in the bollock. Figure I should give a small checklist of what Si has been working on: XML Feed I have just finished implementing an Atom feed for this mofo. It was ridiculously simple using Django – create a feed class, point the url file at it and you’re away. I […]

  • And so it begins

    Yup – a pretty uninspired first post title, and what’s probably going to be an equally uninspired first post – but what the heck, I don’t see people reading this for a while now anyway. Basically I have been pissing about with various development tools on my own boxes for about 9 months now, I’ve […]